Saturday, April 03, 2004

Boring Parenting Post

Today in the Big City we instituted a New Plan. The New Plan is that the girls will not be allowed to nurse in anything less than 2-hour intervals. So far it's working pretty well. I had slipped into the horrible habit of shoving a nipple into their mouths each and every time they cried, not because they were hungry but mostly to get them to shut up, thereby turning myself into a walking, talking binky. A walking, talking, incoherent, mumbling, depressed, run-down and at times irrationally angry binky. Not the kind of binky you want to be around, let's just say.

So, I am a binky no more. I've gone back to being "just like a cow," as one of the clever kids in Jack's former day care pointed out to me one day on the playground.


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