Wednesday, January 28, 2004

Things I am looking forward to

*Wearing normal clothes
*No more pain
*Rolling over in bed
*Fitting my feet into my shoes
*Shaving my legs
*Getting down on the floor and playing with my kids
*Seeing these 2 little baby girls!

Monday, January 26, 2004

Any Time

Really. Any time they want to come out is fine with me. I passed the magic 37 week mark yesterday and all I can say is I fucking hate being pregnant, especially with twins, and I want them out of me now. NOW. Of course Brian wants them to stay in there and cook and be 8 pounds each because apparently he hates me and wants me to live in agony for the next three weeks. No, that's not fair, he wants big healthy babies but he's just a worrier. They'd be fine. Me, I want them out -- and I would love to have them out before my mother gets here, on Thursday.

Jesus, Mary and Joseph, my mother is coming on Thursday.

The business is all set -- I have good coverage finally. The kids are all relatively healthy. I'm ready.

Sunday, January 18, 2004

Yes, Indeed

It's fun watching your team win. In the snow. Decisively.

It's fun going to a birthday party for your six year old attended by your children and your ex and his family and your boyfriend and everyone gets along and there is barely a hint of tension in the room and even though no kids show up (what is it with Jack's birthday parties and the no-shows?) the adults make up for it by calling it a family party. And we all go outside and whack the pinata and Jack deals the decisive blow and there's candy for everyone. And the presents I dug up from the guest room closet which were left behind by Grandma for Xmas and forgotten get added to the pile so Jack doesn't even notice that there aren't any kids there he's having such a good time opening presents and blowing out candles and saying speeches for the camera.

It's fun.

It's fun having a few pain-free hours. It's fun putting on makeup for a change and realizing that hey, I can wear that sweater that I haven't been wearing and put those earrings on and actually look half-decent today inspite of my swollen elephant sausage feet and calves which are shoved into the clogs.

It's a good day.

Six Years Ago Today

I woke up at 4 in the morning with my first ever labor contraction. It was January in Wisconsin (see previous post for level of coldness). I labored all day at home, watched Westerns on TV, ate spaghetti, until by the evening the contractions were close enough and painful enough for us to drive to the hospital. After another hour and a half or so of contractions and 45 minutes or so of pushing, out came my little wonder boy, Jack. He was beautiful and perfect, and now he is six, a kindergartner, bringing home report cards and practicing his basketball shots and writing me love letters.

Isn't life amazing?

Friday, January 16, 2004

Enough, Already

OK, so I get it. It's cold in New England. Really, really cold. But I mean come ON! Do we all have to hear about it all the time? I lived in Wisconsin for 6 years, people, and let me tell you that what they're going through up there is just a typical January in Madison. All month long. So give me a break. Report on some real news for a change.

Saturday, January 10, 2004


What gives? Where are the comments? I'm feeling very unread these days...not that I've been so great at keeping up.

Well YOU try it as a single parent with 3 boys under the age of 6 (I can say that for one more week) in your 35th week of a twin pregnancy with a home business to run and a house to sell and...

Yeah, I know, blah blah blah.

Listen, it's a gorgeous day. And by some miracle I actually managed to clean up my house today and have fun with my kids and make sure everyone was fed on time and pretty much have fun. I'm not depressed, I'm not grumpy, I'm not even terribly overwhelmed...not today anyway.

So, hey! how was your day? What's going on in your neck of the woods? Do you think Howard Dean seems kind of like a phony? Do you find it hard to give a damn about the NFL playoffs since your favorite team is out of the running? How's the weather up there? What's going on with your uncle? Drop me a line.