Sunday, February 17, 2013

So Far, So Vegan

Four days down, 36 to go on this vegan diet plus not eating during daylight thing. Hello, Lent!

Sundays are Feast days/free days, and I thought for sure I'd be all WHERE IS THE BACON GET IT IN MY FACE come Sunday morning but actually? No. The one thing I wanted, and had, this morning was milk in my coffee. I sprinkled some parmesan on my pasta at dinner. Otherwise, I have no desire for meat, and little desire for dairy. 


The hardest part is not the food restriction, but the fasting during the day. I start to go downhill around 2:30 or 3 pm.

Nothing is sweeter than the taste of a date to break my fast at sunset.

I'm appreciating food. Appreciating knowing exactly what my food is and where it comes from. 

Is fasting making space in my heart to welcome God? I'm not sure. It's making space in my heart to welcome vegetables and fruit and whole grains. That much I know.

Saturday, February 16, 2013

the list.

  1. Own a house
  2. Own a horse
  3. Speak fluent Spanish
  4. Blog every day for 365 days
  5. Write a memoir
  6. Publish it
  7. Travel to New Zealand
  8. Spend a week in an exotic, tropical resort – preferably in the South Pacific. Maldives or Tahiti would be nice.
  9. Run a 5K
  10. run a 10K
  11. run a half marathon
  12. Learn Hebrew
  13. Fly in a helicopter
  14. Learn how to drive a stick
  15. Keep chickens
  16. Take voice lessons (again)
  17. Put on a bikini, look in the mirror, and like what I see
  18. Visit New Orleans, but not during Mardi Gras
  19. Shoot a handgun
  20. Buy a handgun
  21. Extended family road trip around the Western U.S.
  22. Extended family road trip to New England and back
  23. Fast for Lent
  24. Go to Oaxaca for Christmas
  25. Pay off all my debts, every single one.
  26. Live completely within my means
  27. Visit all 50 states
  28. Go to Peru
  29. Visit Egypt with my sister
  30. Read the Quran
  31. Make a video interview of my dad
  32. Watch The Wizard of Oz while playing Dark Side of the Moon
  33. Pray daily for 365 days
  34. Meditate daily for 365 days
  35. Have dinner in a 1 star restaurant in Paris with my boyfriend.
  36. Take improv comedy classes
  37. Have my teeth whitened
  38. Live somewhere where I can at least smell, if not see, the ocean
  39. Have a nice, big kitchen, with awesome cookware and a really great set of knives
  40. Sing in a band
  41. Have a credit score greater than 700
  42. write a book of poems
  43. publish it