Tuesday, September 21, 2004

Stress Test

Yesterday afternoon was composed of a series of stressful events, all bundled into one neat and tidy package, that almost sent me over the edge. With careful unravelling it all (mostly) worked out in the end, but I'm telling you people, I need ONE FREAKING DAY that goes my way and I need it soon. Please.

Suffice it to say that the car DOES indeed work, my ex husband NO LONGER wants my head on a platter, and I DO still have a job.

Okay, then.

And I wonder that I have panic attacks? Pshaw. Just one attack, actually: I haven't had another one, so perhaps it was just a fluke.

Good things are happening, too. Brian brought home flowers and apples and challah for Rosh Hashana (I like to throw in a little Jewish tradition here and there just to keep the kids as confused as possible). My friend in Houston sent two GIGANTIC boxes of hand-me-downs for the girls, they are set until the age of 4. Javi is now on a full visitation schedule with his dad, and I actually get to have entire weekends with just the girls (funny how entire weekends without the boys used to make me cry, and now it's something to look forward to). Fall is in the air.

If you should hear a whistling sound followed by a thump and a little puff of dust rising up, however, plesae take a moment to pray for my soul.

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