Friday, September 10, 2004

It's the Little Things

Being from Texas, Brian has this way of saying "lawyer" that simply makes my knees go weak. I'm a Yankee, and where I come from we say "loyer" all high and nasally, but he says "lahyer" and what can I say, I want to rip his clothes off every time.

We've been sick around here lately. Brian had something go horribly, terribly wrong in his back a few weeks ago. There were a few wonderful steroid-induced happy days, but then the steroids ran out, and THEN a virus struck us both, seeming to settle in our bones and joints and muscles, and unhappiness descended. I tried to get by on ibuprofen which didn't do diddly squat, so yesterday I broke down and took a V*codin, which was marvelous. Today I broke down and took another one, and spent four utterly miserable hours trying not to vomit while riding around in the car (you know I'm really sick when I'll relinquish the driver's seat -- that happens about twice a year). The nausea has now passed, thank God. I think I'd rather be in pain than on the verge of puking on someone's shoes.

Here's to a healthy weekend, everybody! And to getting caught up on work!

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