Wednesday, July 28, 2004


New camera alert! Here is Carrie's subtle hint that our dining experience to come might be less than tranquil:

She can't talk yet, but she can still flip us the bird.

We went to the Shady Grove last night for our usual fix of chicken fried steak, mashed potatoes (extra gravy), and a couple of Shady Thangs (vodka, pisco, lime, margarita mix, frozen, yummmm) which last night left me feeling very flushed...I seem to be developing an allergy to alcohol of all things. The girls were even more high strung than usual and insisted on being held and walked around through the entire meal so it was not the relaxing night out we had hoped for. But still, a shady time was had by all.

The boys have gone down to The Valley (Rio Grande, that is) for the entire week. This is the first time they've taken any sort of trip without me and I'm trying my best not to miss them. It's mostly working.

And yes, I've promised pictures of the new house -- which may end up being torn down for a new new house, or may be remodeled, we don't know yet. I'll probably take some pictures this weekend. Meanwhile, I've got this house for sale, so if you know anyone who wants to buy a 4 bedroom in suburban Austin well, let me know already. They can have it for a steal.

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