Thursday, July 22, 2004


I'm in a strange house (and how many of my dreams have this as a central theme? It's either strange house, or strange trip). It is some kind of gathering, seemingly of just women and children. Brittney Spears and Jessica Simpson are there, and they are best of buds. I'm walking around and around this house, not really getting anywhere, not really talking to anyone. At one point I have the twins, and then sometime later I don't. I think to myself, off-handedly, "I wonder where the twins are?" But I'm not too concerned. Someone has them. They're probably fine. I keep wandering. I have to go to the bathroom so I find the door, swing it open...

And there is Allison, hanging suspended from the ceiling, the rope is around her neck. another rope is somehow extending from the wall to her wrist. She looks shiny and plastic, like a doll. I glance at the bathtub and see Carrie,underwater and motionless, and a strange yellow color. I am panicking, trying to get Allison free from the rope, wanting also to grab Carrie from the water, I can't do it all, can't save them both, they might both be dead already, and I'm calling for Brian, calling for help, but it's a party out there and no one hears me. And then I wake up.

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