Saturday, May 01, 2004

Too Much Partying

This morning we were out of half and half, and since I'd rather die than drink coffee without half and half I headed out in the chilly nasty rain (in jeans and a Blogger sweatshirt! Thanks Blogger for the free clothing! I'm so glad you suckered me into spending too much money on your now free services!) to buy some. Sac and Pac was OUT of the stuff so I had to drive to the local grocery store. It's a real grocery store, not a supermarket, on a Main Street, not in a strip mall. The floors are made of wood. You can see over the tops of the shelves. And they make breakfast tacos to order. I should shop there more often because just the floor alone made me feel good and human.

But I digress.

So the guy at the counter says "you look tired, darlin'" and I say "I am tired" and he says "too much partying?" and I wanted to leap over the counter and kiss him for thinking I looked like someone with a hangover instead of some old, haggard mother of five. After a few more sweethearts and darlin's I was out of there with my $3.00 worth of half and half (I guess that's why we shop at supermarkets, huh?) and a bounce in my step. Looking hungover is SO much better than looking haggard.