Saturday, November 02, 2002

Turns out someone does read my blog, and she noticed the severe lack of posting recently. So Betsy, this one's for you. Halloween was really very fun this year. The kids had coordinating dragon/dinosaur costumes, made by their Abuelita who can sew ANYTHING. I am in awe of this woman. I can sew a button back on after it has fallen off, but that sums up my abilities. She made these incredible costumes with sticky-up eyeballs and stuffed tails and everything. The boys had a fabulous time (once they got over being shy) running up to the doors and ringing the doorbells. Say what you will about my weird, suburban, subdevelopment, Truman Show-ish neighborhood, the place was just made for things like Halloween. I have an absurd amount of candy left over, but that will all go into Jack's birthday pinata, so not to worry.

I'm one week away from my due date now. Just waiting. The nights are the hardest -- every night I think maybe, just maybe, I'll go into labor. Anything to relieve the pain, pressure, and trips to the bathroom.

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