Thursday, November 14, 2002

It's Technical Difficulties Day, otherwise known as Brian's birthday. Poor man is spending the whole day resolving issues with the NEW HIGH SPEED CABLE (woo hoo!) which is now up and running, and with my little ol' Palm, which keeps getting sick. Every time I change the batteries the f******ng thing crashes and I lose everything on there. So he's working on these issues while I sit here in bed like a helpless ninny, periodically nursing my child and doing stretches and stuff. Mostly I'm surfing the web (so quickly! so efficiently!) and reading emails and wishing I could just get out of bed and do things. I'm a terrible, terrible patient. But I'm trying not to be cranky because it's Brian's birthday and he shouldn't have to deal with Cranky Me today. And I really need to heal, already.

A very cool homebirthing blog has recently been brought to my attention. Check it out.

Yesterday I left the house for the first time, and oh what a mistake that was. Well, not a huge mistake, but enough of a mistake. We went up to Austin for our bi-weekly writer's group, then on to Central Market for some shopping. Within a few minutes of shuffling around the store I was light headed and shaky and tingly and stuff, and Brian had to escort me back to the car. Oh well. We did go out for sushi after that, so all was not lost. Mmmmm, maguro.

The boys will be back with me today after being at their dad's since Saturday afternoon. Brian picks them up from school in a couple of hours. I hope they're not too disappointed to find me still in bed...

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