Tuesday, November 05, 2002

The boyfriend suggests that I write about my voting experience because yes, of course, I voted today. Always get a little thrill about doing my civic duty, even when there's hardly a soul worth voting for on the whole ballot. I grew up in Massachusetts, where they are still filling in little ovals with Sharpie pens, according to my sources in Leominster. Me, I got to punch a ballot today, which was mighty exciting. You can be sure I held it up to the light afterwards to make sure all was clear. Nothing hanging or pregnant, unless you count yours truly. Speaking of voting issues, there was a good little article in Salon lately on the subject of high tech voting. I think sharpies and punch ballots are just fine for now, thank you very much. Anyway, so it looks like virtually everyone I voted for will lose -- this is par for the course for me. Funnily enough, I cast my first-ever vote for a Republican candidate today (County Commissioner Susie Carter), and she may be the ONLY candidate to win from my ballot. But it's close. The guy she's running against is an absolute joke and had to be stopped.

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