Sunday, March 02, 2008

Under the Wire

It's 11:23 pm of day 2 of NaBloMoPoGroMoMarCro. Here's a list:

On my bedside table:

kleenex box in least obnoxious floral pattern I could find. I wish they came in solid black.

opaque white lamp from Ikea, soft fuzzy glow.

Gatsby coaster, in Ivory, from Z Gallerie.

small orange teacup with water, for swallowing antidepressant (in drawer, I'm not telling you what's in the drawer).

nail clippers and nail file.

small white plastic tray/dish with black and red floral pattern on it, rather mod, from Target.

pretty blue and gold box that a candle from Z Gallerie came in.

"Good Poems" edited by Garrison Keillor.

"Why I Wake Early" by Mary Oliver.

Netflix: "The Science of Sleep." Seen, ready to be returned.

Netflix: "A Scanner Darkly." Not yet seen.

red, gold, and black cloth from Japan, with fringe (what is the name for cloth you put on dressers? it has a name, yes?). A gift from Etsuko Funo when I left the country in '91.

Aannnnd it's 11:32 pm! Made it!

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