Saturday, March 08, 2008

This Post Brought to You by Cilantro


It's 2 minutes to Midnight. do you know where your SXSWi party is? Apparently everyone who is anyone is at Six.

Me? home, bed, laptop, cuppa. tired. it's been a long day and I would rate it in the top 5 of worst days ever. EVAH. Can't talk about it, maybe later. Let's just say my life caught up with me, and it's all most definitely for the best but right now it is hard and scary, and I want a blanky and my teddy.

However, on a brighter note, before it all got scary I did get to go to brunch at Las Manitas this morning, meet up with a bunch of twittery people, and have a taco al pastor which was messy and delicious and stained my fingernails reddish brown, possibly forever. And, I got to sit with the cool kids. It's a cliche and all? But the nerds in high school are the cool kids of today, and I LOVE that.

Plus, who among us doesn't enjoy eating in a restaurant where you have to walk through the kitchen to get to the back dining room, dodging waiters and hot oil on your way? Who?


ttrentham said...

Right on. I guess having a mix of cool stuff like hanging out at a good place to eat with cool people and having to deal with the bad stuff is really the way life is. Hope your Saturday is better.

Six was relatively cool. If you forgot that you were at Six and talked to all of the out-of-town nerds. I'm soccer dad in the morning. Time to get some sleep.

Sarah said...

hey timmy, hope you had fun tonight too. i'm hoping to get over my inertia and make it out for whatever is happenin tomorrow night. catch ya on the flip side, soccer dad.