Monday, March 17, 2008


Please take a moment out of your busy day to witness my friend Christian Payne's beautiful and moving documentary about Iraqi Refugees in Jordan. Composed entirely of still photographs, and edited with exquisite grace by Bill Cammack, this short film brings you into the lives of Iraqi families trying desperately to eke out an existence in a foreign land, with little or no support. They need help, and attention. Watch it, tell your friends, blog about it, spread it around.

Life in the Shadows

Thank you.


Bill Cammack said...

Thanks for the compliment, Sarah. :D

Christian took amazing photos and tracked an heartfelt narration. Great content inspires the immersion and feeling necessary to edit the individual elements into the final film.

Cheers! :D

Phil "dm" Campbell said...

lets be honest. you both rocked it. :) - great piece. excellently formulated together.

Sarah said...

You deserve it (the compliment). It really is a brilliant piece of work and without the right editor this never would have worked.