Saturday, March 01, 2008

Blow You, MarBlo

Because I love Eden, and I want her to love me back (she plays scrabble with me now! for real! on the internets!), I've decided to take the NaNoBlogMo* or whatever it is challenge, only now it's not just November, it's EVERY FREAKING MONTH, which anyway is good for me as I need to get back into it. So, I'm opening up the hood, checking the oil, filling the little windshield wiper fluid tank with more fluid (because honestly, that's the only thing I really know how to do on a car), kicking the tires, and startin' her up. Hello March! How's it hangin'?

Also, in other news, I would really like to move this thing over to Wordpress, and I think I'll be doing that soon. Wordpress sucks so much less than Blogger, yes?

Tomorrow: a list. The theme of the month is lists.

*NaBloPoMo, I looked it up. I am never typing that again.

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