Sunday, August 28, 2005

Spoiled Rotten

I was there at the beginning of Six Feet Under, hooked like a fish from the very first episode, but somewhere along the way HBO (cable, actually) became a luxury we could not afford, and so a few seasons have come and gone without my viewing. Not to worry, I told myself, it will all come out on DVD, and then I can watch the episodes in a feverish, glazed-over state, taking breaks only for the bathroom and to heat up a frozen chicken pot pie. I love to watch TV that way -- we watched the entire first season of Nip/Tuck in a matter of 2 days, sitting in a stupor on the couch, forcing the kids to make their own meals and drive themselves to and from school. Besides, it was a great way to avoid actually conversing with my mother, who was here for a visit at that time.

So, yes. There are three or four mostly unwatched seasons out there for me to digest at my leisure, and I was scrupulously careful to avoid any mention of the grand finale last week. Which is why I was horrified when last night, while innocently reading the New Yorker in bed (go on, make fun of me, but that's what I do for entertainment), suddenly a spoiler appeared, right there in the middle of the article, what do I learn but that Nathan is dead. Which, actually, was not too much of a shock, even if it was information I'd rather not have had thrown in my face. But then AGAIN, today, while reading the fantabulous Heather Havrilesky, another more shocking spoiler rears its ugly head. Heather, she's usually so careful with the warnings. But not today.

Please, for the love of everything HBOly, don't tell me anything else!

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