Monday, August 01, 2005

The Computer, She Has Crashed

Honestly, people. I am TRYING here. I was posting every day, even. But technology has turned against me. Thank god for this old workhorse desktop computer -- computer which I shunned and scorned and spurned! Which I pratically gave away to my children! But now I've come crawling back, and at least I've got something to work on while the other machine is in the shop, because that thing is DEAD, as dead as any speck of affection and good will I ever felt towards Tom Cruise. As dead as the rat Brian killed with his bare hands in our back yard. As dead as the same rat still was when it ended up getting tossed by the trash guys NOT into the garbage truck, but back onto the street, where I nearly stepped on it when I got out of my car.

Actually, I've got something even better than that old thing, which is a fabulous, glitzy, beautiful, fancy-schmancy laptop, even more shiny and exciting than my one in the shop. This new puppy, you could set it up in your living room and watch DVDs on it, you could. It's practically the size of a plasma TV. I'll be working on it soon enough, and then I have a feeling I'm going to be very, very spoiled, and not want to part with it. Meanwhile, I've been eyeing it furtively from across the room as it displays its glorious screensaver and plays its pretty music. Is this some dastardly trick that the computer store is playing on me? Trying to get me to fall in love with the loaner?

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