Friday, August 26, 2005

Oh. Ow.

So, I've got this stiff neck thing happening. It's that horrible feeling where you can't turn your neck to look over your shoulder when you're driving the car which makes changing lanes extremely hazardous to your health. Furthermore, I have an odd pain just under my ribcage, mostly on the right, but now sort of gravitating over to the left, that causes me to say "oh!" and "ow!" at odd intervals and to no one in particular. I'm feeling a little crazy this morning, what with all the aches and pain. There's also the early warning signs of carpal tunnel syndrome, which I'm trying to ignore, because if it explodes into full-blown carpal tunnel syndrome, I'm pretty much screwed as far as my business goes. I think that about sums up my health complaints.

But enough about me, let's talk about my KIDS! Jack and Eli have started school in my neighborhood, and a fine, fine school it is. Eli is now officially a kindergardener, Jack is in 2nd grade, each of them already has a best friend, all is right with the universe. Eli, as usual, is a big hit with the ladies, although with any attention from them he looks very much like he would like to be swallowed up by the floor -- especially if I'm anywhere nearby to witness it.

Javi or Javy or Javier (maybe I should conduct a poll?) is doing great at his new day care, and the girls love it there as well, and will be starting full-time next week, praise Jesus. Their new obsession is Teletubbies ("tebbytubby! tebbytubby!"), favorite food is PB&J, favorite pastime is climbing like monkeys all over everything. Brian caught them on the piano just a few days ago, playing the keys with their feet.

It's hot here, I'm swamped with work, my body hurts, and although I yearn to be doing just a spec of something creative and personal, I find it next to impossible to carve out time for this little experiment. Still, I think things will get better now that the kids are occupied more of the time, so I'll try to check in more often. It's good for me, although has little or no effect on this weird ribcage pain. Ow.

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