Wednesday, February 25, 2004

When Will It End?...

Not sure.

My midwife called another midwife that she knows down in the Valley who has had a lot of experience with twins and she said she had NEVER seen a client go past her due date with twins. Tomorrow I am going to see the perinatologist for a biophysical profile. If all looks good I'm willing to wait until early next week, but no longer. If there is any cause for concern then I will probably be induced tomorrow at the hospital. I have such mixed feelings right now -- mostly like my body is failing me. This has been so different from all my other pregnancies and I just don't know how to process it. I've always gone into labor within 4-5 days of my due date, always labored naturally, and now...this.


I'm not sure what the lesson is, or even if there is a lesson, but I'm feeling increasingly depressed about the whole thing and a little scared about the prospect of induction.

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