Saturday, February 14, 2004

Not. Yet.

There is snow on the ground, snow on the rooftops. It won't last long, it must have been less than an inch total accumulation, but it's pretty. When Brian got home last night he lit turned on the fireplace and between that and the snow and the candles and the totally cool Goth Valentine's Day card which glows in the dark it was very romantic and cozy and wintery (wintry?) in here. Well, except for the fact that I was sick to my stomach and had been all afternoon and generally felt like crap. I'm a little better this morning but still have intestinal cramps. I'm sick of being pregnant and I guess a little anxious about the labor and delivery, which is unlike me, but I can't help wondering if somehow I'm holding up the process.

Today is my actual due date. But I don't think we'll see any babies today...although you never know.

Meanwhile I have work to do which started accumulating Thursday afternoon and which I have been completely avoiding, so I guess I'd better get it done before this weekend is over.

Happy Valentine's Day everyone. Think labor thoughts for me.

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