Wednesday, February 11, 2004

Another Day, Another Trip to the Pediatrician

Eli has strep throat, an ear infection and swollen lymph nodes. Such fun! Poor guy was in so much pain this morning. He's got some Motrin in him now and his first dose of Augmentin, so he should be feeling better fast. I just PRAY PRAY PRAY that I do not get strep throat right now. That would not be good. I'm washing my hands obsessively.

We have an ultrasound later today to see how the girls are doing. I'm starting to think they're holding out for Valentine's Day, which would be terribly sweet. My little lovelies. Or, then again, maybe they're waiting for Friday the 13th. Heh.

So Eli is home sick but Mom is happy because now she has someone to play with. And I'm happy because children provide an automatic buffer between me and Mom.

We watched Terminator 2 on Brian's new plasma screen TV last night. The kid is less annoying now, for some reason. If I could have Linda Hamilton's body, oh my GOD she is amazing looking in that movie. Not a pretty face, but what incredible muscles -- and without being grotesquely over-defined. I suppose with a personal trainer and lots of money and time on my hands I could look like that too.

Nothing else to report. Just waiting, waiting, waiting...trying to be patient. The pain is the worst part.

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