Friday, February 13, 2004

Well the Weather Outside is Frightful...

Yes, even in Austin it can snow. And it's supposed to snow tonight. So I figure this will be the time that I go into labor, when road navigation is most difficult for everyone involved. This morning we had sleet, which was no big deal, but everyone in this town is just freaking out about the weather.

I'm perched on the couch now with my blankie and my laptop, having emptied the house of children, parents and significant others. The animals, although a little restless, are doing their best to stay out of my face. I'm having long conversations with the twins about how this would be a really good time to get the hell out of me and start crying and pooping and nursing their way through life. I'm visualizing labor, willing my cervix to start opening, just pretty much trying to THINK this into happening. Of course I'm delusional if I believe that I can have that much influence, but whatever. It gives me a feeling of purpose. And besides I'm incapable of doing anything else. I have completely blown off my work and can't even begin to imagine doing the dishes or cleaning the upstairs bathroom or getting the guest room ready for Brian's mother who arrives tomorrow night.

Another house guest!

No, really, I'm looking forward to her visit. But it is good to have this interval -- my mother makes me totally batty and she was here for way too long. I need some time to just recover from that before facing another person in my house. I have a feeling that Brian's mother will be helpful without being invasive, however, because she's normal whereas my mother is a stark raving lunatic. And worst of all she doesn't like Brian so you can imagine how much fun it is to have someone in our home for 2 weeks under those circumstances.

Fun! Fun, fun fun! But she's on a plane now and I can breathe again.

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