Tuesday, May 13, 2003

I Have No Decent Title For This Post

My 5 year old kid just called me from his dad's house to inform me that he was watching the Devils play the Senators, the game had just started, and the score was holding steady at 0 - 0. Thanks, kid. It's good to be informed. Meanwhile I'm sitting here drinking a beer and eating chips and salsa and thinking about how I SHOULD...BE...WORKING...BUT...I...CAN'T...MOVE..........

24 Hour Party People was loads of fun, by the way. If you didn't see it when it came around, go rent the DVD/video. It was good to see a decent movie for a change after actually paying good money for seats in a theater to watch the horrific dreck that was The Phone Booth. I still have a bad taste in my mouth from that one.

And, in yet more unrelated news, the baby is eating solid food now -- we've kicked things off with bananas -- and, as my friend Dana put it some months ago, "Oh yeah, I remember, solid food = solid poop."

I guess that's enough sharing for now.

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