Tuesday, May 06, 2003


Yeah, I hated that template. Red and grey...all wrong. Actually, I have more ambitious design ideas for this site, and the upcoming photography site, but I need to learn a few things first...but still, had to change to green. Green is where it's at.

Would you like a poem? Of course you would.


Silence is a shape that has passed.
Otu-bre's lion-roses have turned to paper
And the shadows of the trees
Are like wrecked umbrellas.

The effete vocabulary of summer
No longer says anything.
The brown at the bottom of red
The orange far down in yellow,

Are falsifications from a sun
In a mirror, without heat,
In a constant secondariness,
A turning down finality --

Except that a green plant glares, as you look
At the legend of the maroon and olive forest,
Glares, outside of the legend, with the barbarous green
Of the harsh reality of which it is part.

- Wallace Stevens

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