Wednesday, May 07, 2003

21 lb 8 oz

No wonder my shoulders are killing me all the time, I've been lugging a monster around with me. Javier is six months old today and weighs plenty more than either of his brothers did at their 12 month check-ups. The shots sucked, but he recovered fairly quickly, and then fell into a deep, Tylenol-assisted sleep. Apparently when he woke up he had the best day EVER at day care, and couldn't stop laughing and smiling. So go figure.


We stopped for pizza tonight after checking out the local karate classes (Jack is extremely interested). I told Jack I delivered pizza once.

Jack: How old were you?
Me: Oh, it was a long time ago, I was 19 or so.
J: Before I was born?
M: Yep, long before you were born.
J: Yeah, I was a negative baby then.

I love this kid.

At the karate class he was reading the backs of the kids' uniforms and providing a play-by-play: "Sydney is fighting Jessica. Xavier is all done, he's going to sit down now. That's Jessie, she's wearing a red helmet..." And then doing math problems at the pizza place, just for fun. Subtracting the number of slices from the total number of slices in the pie. That sort of thing.

Yeah, he's wicked smart for a five year old.


In other news: Working full time and raising three kids is really fucking hard. I'm going to bed now.

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