Saturday, March 01, 2003

Vive La France!

I was reading this article in the Boston Globe today, while perusing the out of town newspaper section at BookPeople. It's from last Sunday, and I'm too cheap to pay for the Globe archive online services, but here's the teaser they let you read on the web:

(begin quote)

Published on February 23, 2003. Author(s):    FARAH STOCKMAN

A sign of the times? Best Cellars on Boylston Street makes it clear: they are in no way boycotting French wines. They are merely welcoming their customers to taste grape varieties that have been grown outside of France. The idea to highlight non-French selections came after irate customers asked the company to stop selling wine from a country that has turned up its nose at US plans for war in Iraq. A few doors down Boylston Street, the owner of Abe & Louie's Steak House was far less...

(end quote)

Well, that's all the quote you get. But anyway, I'm reading this article and thinking to myself, I'm thinking, what can I do to support the French in the face of this absurdity? And then, by pure serendipity, Brian goes shopping next door at Whole Foods and picks out two French cheeses for us to eat. In fact, it was an entirely French night, since we drank a lovely Cotes-du-Rhone to accompany the cheese. The organic Reblochon was particularly scrumptious.

I only wish I was back home in Boston so I could march on into Best Cellars on Boylston Street and tell them exactly what I think of their lame-ass policy of "suggesting" wines from alternate countries to their customers. Puh-lease.

So get out there, friends, and show your support for France, a voice of reason on the UN Security Council. Get out there and buy some cheese and wine. Stop the war. No, seriously. Wear a beret, while you're at it.

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