Monday, March 17, 2003

Good Weekend

Lots of good things...Saturday we went to BookPeople in the morning and there were 3 books on the sale table I wanted. I got Liar's Club by Mary Karr, Stolen Lives by Malika Oufkir, and Take the Cannoli by Sarah Vowell. Then on to our usual brunch at El Sol Y La Luna with Honoria and Knut. Sandy and Cymbe came too. It's becoming a Saturday tradition, this pozole brunch -- who knew I'd be eating hominy grits on a regular basis, and loving it. It's the SXSW Music Festival here in Austin, so South Congress was just teeming with musicians and important looking people with badges, and strange looking people from out of town, and a whole wonderful music vibe was happening. After brunch we went to Mansfield Dam where Brian and Knut flew their planes and Honoria and I watched them. Watched the buzzards catch the thermals, watched the clouds float by, watched the traffic down on the highway, thought about air currents and felt very, very peaceful. Had a nice Italian dinner after that and headed back home.

Sunday morning I stayed in bed until something ridiculous like 10:45 (if you don't count getting up at 4:50 and 8:10 to nurse the baby). Then headed off to yet another brunch with Maida and her mother at Fonda San Miguel, which is just the best fucking brunch on the planet. Their ceviche alone brings tears to my eyes. I only get to go there about twice a year, but DAMN is it good. Maida's mother is too cute for words, too. Later we had our own little family peace vigil -- we lit a candle and took it on the dog walk to the park. (There were people lighting candles and having vigils all over the world tonight, but we weren't in a group hug sort of mood.)

I'm home now, and well fed. And tired. And I've got a lead on a job, so keep your fingers crossed...

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