Friday, March 21, 2003

Dear Texas Drivers;

The lane on the far left is called the passing lane. If you are driving in this lane, it should be because you were driving in the traveling lane (that's the one in the middle), but came upon someone who was driving more slowly than you, and so decided to pass that person. Once you are finished passing the person in the traveling lane, you should then return to the aforementioned traveling lane until such a time as you might encounter yet another person traveling more slowly than you. Then you should again follow the instructions above, and pass that slower person. If you are a very, very slow moving vehicle (like, anything less than 70 miles per hour), then you should be in the slow pokes lane. That's the lane on the far right. Please, for the love of God, if you are a truck driver going South to Mexico or North to Canada (never have I hated NAFTA more than since I moved to Texas), you should STAY THE HELL OUT OF THE PASSING LANE.

Thank you very much.



P.S. Please stop riding the brakes.

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