Wednesday, March 19, 2003

12 Years Ago...

More or less...

I wrote this:

Monday 14 January 1991
Jass Oberoi Hotel
Khajuraho, Madhya Pradesh

Tomorrow is the final day for Hussein to pull out of Kuwait -- midnight, eastern standard time, which is actually 10:30 the following morning here. Many people here and abroad seem convinced that there will be a war, although we are all hoping that some alternative will be reached. I'm a little nervous about flying back in two weeks -- I had a dream last night that British Airways cancelled all its flights...

Tuesday 15 January
Hotel de Paris
Varanasi, Uttar Pradesh

It's really hard to tell what will happen in the Gulf -- war could break out immediately, or later, or not at all. No one knows, really. I'm feeling somewhat frightened. I don't feel comfortable about being overseas.

Thursday 17 January
Hotel Fairlawn
Calcutta, Bengal

At 3:20 this morning, India time, war broke out in the Gulf. I was sleeping in a train headed for Calcutta. Michael was just finishing up with work. All I've heard is something about an air strike, & 18,000 tons of bombs being dropped. But really, who knows. I just hope it's over quickly and not too many lives are lost. I don't like being over here -- I'll feel much better when/if we touch ground at Heathrow & especially Logan. I'm feeling a real need to go home.

On the minibus to the hotel our guide informed us that war had broken out. None of us had much to say -- it's difficult to react to such news. I felt like crying, though. Meanwhile, life really does go on here in this bustling, crazy city...1/2 an hour ago, at 2, a number of us gathered around the t.v. to watch the Hindi news, but it was difficult to ascertain any real info. English news is on at 3, so I'm sticking around for that. I desperately want to speak to Michael. Dad's calling the office tonight from the Grand Hotel, around the corner -- if he gets thru we'll have some clearer news.

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