Sunday, August 22, 2004

Bloggy Slumber Party

It's my blogiversary today...if I could, I'd have a great big cake and some ice cream, and invite Jody (the very first blog I ever read), Jodi (humorous and personal without being TOO personal, if you know what I mean. I like Jodi because she works hard on every post, makes you laugh, and gives you just enough about herself while still remaining private, not an easy balance), rosebaby (is there a cuter dog? Or a cuter couple? rosebaby is an artist, and I love the sketches and photographs she shares. It's also fun to read about people in love, as she is with the next person, Brian (who posted a little poem in my comments section one day, and earned my instant affection. I then quickly figured out that his long-distance romance was with the lovely rosebaby. This was just before he took a giant leap of faith and went to join her in Seattle. Love), Meg (Meg is smart, knows a lot about design, she's friendly and helpful and visits my blog. I like Meg), Sarah B (Sarah B is too famous to notice me, but I notice her. She's a good writer, and I count her among the bloggers who inspire me to think carefully about a post, to write creatively. Plus, she has great taste in music), Peggy (I love Peggy's pictures of the horses, her passion for politics, her never-ending crush on the Beatles), Yvonne (Yvonne really scared the shit out of me the first time I read her blog. It was so...raw. But then she kind of grew on me. I like reading Yvonne's blog because she holds nothing back. It's the other end of the spectrum), Melly (Melly's a single mother living in Texas with one of the cutest kids ever), c (this was one of the first blogs I ever read that was devoted entirely to humorous content. I think c monks is hysterical), Heather (she's the dooce, what else is there to say), Mimi (she's funny and she gives good link), and my hero, Mrs. Kennedy (Mrs. Kennedy is my ego ideal. She rocks my blogworld). We'd play pin the tail on the donkey, whack the shit out of a pinata, and stay up all night in our pj's watching scary movies on TV. In the morning, Brian would make us pancakes and then all the moms would come and take the bloggers back home.

Seriously, though, all of the above blogs have helped or inspired me in some way over the last couple of years. It's the only creative outlet I have these days, and I don't give it nearly the time and attention I would like, but it's something. So thanks to all of the above. I hope you stop by and have a bite of cake! It's on me. Or, it's on the table, but I'm paying for it. Well, then again, if you'd like me to put it on me, that could be fun...

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