Tuesday, September 16, 2003


A stomach virus has been making its way through my family. Brian is the latest victim. He's home in bed, hopefully sleeping it off. And Javi, who is still taking antibiotics from his most recent ear infection, seems to have developed another one, or else the first one never really went away. Joy. So we're off to the doctor this morning.

I have a headache and I'm panicking about my new client, who has just completed a trial week with me and is "thinking it over." This might not be good. I've fully equipped my home office in preparation for this work, so if he doesn't sign up with me I'm in serious trouble. But whatever happens -- I'm going to try to make this whole thing work. If I don't get his account, I'll get someone else, hopefully soon. Keep your fingers crossed.

Rolling Stones on the radio, autumn in the air...it's cooling down in Central Texas. Now we have days that are "just" in the 80s. Like my friend said the other day, fall is the true renewal season -- it's good for fresh starts. Plus, I get to wear sweaters again. In a couple of months.

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