Thursday, September 25, 2003

Revenge of the Sinuses

I don't know what I ever did to them, but apparently they want me to go slowly and quietly crazy, like what's-her-name in Gaslight. In the morning I wake up feeling fine, then around 9:30 the headache starts creeping up on me, and by 10 it's a full blown throbbing affair that can't be appeased. Especially considering, as a pregnant person, I'm not allowed to take much more than Tylenol. Fun. By 4 or 5 p.m. it's mostly gone and I go to bed that night having forgotten about the whole nasty business, wake up feeling fine...and then...

This has been going on for five days, like clockwork, and I'm really not a happy camper. But hey, I'm employed. No, I'm a BUSINESS OWNER. So what's a little headache, really.

The in-laws are here, if you can call them that. Brian's mother and stepfather have arrived from California. They STILL don't know that we're having a baby, but I can assure you they're about to find out. At almost 20 weeks there's really no disguising the fact. I hope they aren't horrified, or something.

OH! And! And! We went to the midwife yesterday for the requisite pointless visit in which she listens to the heartbeat, takes my vitals, measures my belly, blah blah blah, but THEN she mentioned that she knows someone training to be an ultrasound tech who is doing ultrasounds for free! So we will be able to find out whether this is an XX or an XY after all. Probably next week! Stay tuned. I know everyone is supposed to say, "well, just as long as it's healthy." But really, who am I kidding. After 3 boys in a row we all know what I'm hoping for.

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