Saturday, August 23, 2003

I Suck and That's Sad

you suck, and that's sad
you are the "you suck, and that's sad"
happy bunny. your truthful, but can be a bit

which happy bunny are you?
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I could tell you about the 5 stunned minutes I spent in the toothpaste section, staring at the vast array of possibilities, and saying to myself, "Crest? Colgate? Which toothpaste do I use?"

When I was a child we always used Crest. Just like we always bought Palmolive, and we always had Pepperidge Farm bread and Land O' Lakes butter and Hood milk. But, I'm thinking to myself, somewhere along the line I might have switched. It might even have been recently. Did I switch to Colgate? Did I do that for Brian? Or do I now prefer Colgate? I just don't know. Maybe I'm just imagining this, and it's really still Crest. But which one? There are so many options. Would it be the one with Scope? The special tartar removing Crest? Hmmm. No, there's something about the Crest packaging that just doesn't seem right. It must be Colgate. But wait, don't I prefer Crest? Have I been buying Colgate as some sort of concession? Shit, what should I do?

I could tell you that story, like I said, but that would be too original and possibly entertaining. So I give you the quiz instead.

By the way, I had switched to Colgate at some point, I'm still not sure when, but I came home with the Crest with Scope. And I'm not sorry. Although I guess I kind of miss the nifty Colgate flip top. But really, no, it always got clogged and nasty.

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