Friday, August 22, 2003

Happy Blogiversary to Me

It's been one year.

In other news, my mother is in the hospital after having a heart "event" and is now getting a pacemaker installed. It should be done by now, actually. She's had heart problems for years, and had major surgery about 10 years ago to have her aortic valve replaced. This is actually nothing compared to that surgery, which was just plain terrifying to wait through and the recovery was pretty rough. Still, she's 72 years old and starting to actually seem it, which is sobering.

Oh, and I quit my job after the business blew up financially and I was lied to. But hey, it was only the first decent job I've been able to land since arriving in this town in September '01. No big deal.

So, right now, my life pretty much sucks. I'm job hunting, and penniless, and pretty fucking depressed.

OK, but focusing on the positive. We spent last weekend at the ranch and it was entirely livable. When everyone sits down at the table for a lovely meal of pasta with a chicken and artichoke heart sauce, fresh herb salad and some wine, I declare a place livable. I think we're going back this weekend.

And yesterday we went to the midwife and heard that whoosh-whoosh that is the heartbeat. So. That was delightful and made me feel a little bit woozy. Baby! Only 6 more months...

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