Tuesday, July 29, 2003

Poetic License

I've been running into a whole smorgasbord of humorous poetry lately, too humorous not to share.

First there was Karen Zipdrive of Pulp Friction with Bush Writes Haiku:

I am so tired
I think I'll call Jenna up
to score me some crank

And then we had Sarah B from Que Sera Sera, with Happy Birthday Poems for an Ex Boyfriend:

Happy Birthday!
Do I want to hear another song you wrote on the guitar?
For the love of God

And then Jodi sent me these links to Dan's Aborted Limericks:

When making banana cream pie
You need neither to broil nor to fry
But remember you must
That the secret to crust
Is to add enough butter to make it nice and flaky

And still MORE aborted limericks:

A butterfly out on a branch
Caused an awfully big avalanche
Just by flapping his wings
He set motion to things
And that's how simple people explain chaos theory

I believe some POETIC COMMENTING is in order.

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