Monday, July 28, 2003

It's a Thin Line

There is one topic in particular which is decidedly off limits on this blog, laundry I'm unwilling to air publicly, but when things are happening in that department I find myself unable to switch gears and write about something else. And so it's been almost a week.

I can tell you, however, that I attended a party on Friday night with a Love/Hate theme, and came appropriately accessorized:

(it is very difficult to write upside down in Sharpie with your non-dominant hand, but I think I did an OK job)

You can just barely make out the ghastly necklace given to me one mother's day with birthstone charms (synthetic of course) of my two oldest children. It's just about the worst piece of jewelry anyone could possibly give me, and until Friday it had never seen the light of day. But this was a love/hate party, and we were instructed to dress appropriately. Jodi will be pleased to know that I wore my little black dress (with a lot of belly, I might add, showing through) and strappy shoes to counterbalance the necklace. I also brought succotash, because I love lima beans, but I know there are many of you out there who find lima beans revolting. (Little known fact: lima beans are full of cyanide! What's not to love?) Food featured at the party included anchovy pizza, sardines, rhubarb soup, black licorice, goat cheese, pate, brussels sprouts and vegemite. Brian mixed dirty martinis, we all wore nametags and there was some karaoke singing and truth or dare Jenga. AND I left the kids at home with a sitter and came home to find my kitchen cleaned (including succotash dishes), the high chair completely cleared of Cheerios, the stovetop scrubbed, and she had bathed all of my children. The woman definitely earned her pay. All in all, an excellent party.

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