Thursday, August 22, 2002

OK, so this is the first day of the rest of my blog. Today we had the MOST beautiful sunset. Jack and Eli and I went for a walk with the neighbors and their kids to a playground around the corner. They all had a blast playing on the equipment, and my neighbor Laura and I got to sit and chat. Just little walks like that are hard for me in this heat, being almost 7 months pregnant. I was happy to get home. The kids are sleeping now.

I was lucky enough to find the boys some new sandals at Wal Mart today. Target was totally out of sandals and had moved on to sneakers and boots. It's ludicrous to take sandals off the shelves in Texas in August. They have at LEAST 2 more months of sandal wearing ahead of them. Anyway, I found some good ones for $5 a pair.

The big plan for the weekend is to make some ice cream. And I'm going to get my travel plans together. We're going back East for a couple of weeks in September. I can't wait! Massachusetts and New York City. I haven't been to NY since Jack was a baby, although I've been longing to go, especially since September 11th. It will be strange to be there so close to the anniversary of that date. I think we'll avoid being in the city on the 11th itself, but will probably arrive the following Friday and stay for a long weekend.

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