Thursday, August 22, 2002

I got the Putney Post in the mail today. This is my high school's semi-annual alumni magazine. I'm the class secretary but I've fallen behind on the job, which is why there's only one listing in my year, from Taylor Moriarty, who must have sent it in herself. She's calling herself Marion these days. Anyway, I feel like a schmuck for not being a better secretary, but there's always next year. I'll keep trying. I was sad to see that Jean Rosner died of cancer. Jean was Carmelita Hinton's daughter -- Carmelita founded the Putney School. The last time I saw Jean was over 10 years ago. I went up to Canada to check out my old camp on Cape Breton Island and visited with her (her campground was across the road). Jean immediately put me to work pulling nails out of wood in her garden, and milking her mare whose foal had just been sold. I went back the next day and helped her pull up some vegetables for dinner. She was blind as a bat, and ornery as ever, and it was wonderful to see her.

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