Saturday, August 24, 2002

Big plans today. We're going to make strawberry ice cream in our really fun ice cream maker if I can ever get these kids dressed and out the door to buy some ingredients. The recipe calls for a pound of strawberries -- I might cheat and buy frozen, because I just can't see hulling a pound of strawberries. Then these boys are getting some hair cuts. Jack has a thick mop of hair on his head and is starting to look like Frankenstein. I won't cut Eli's curls very much, just a trim around the ears and bangs. It's never easy cutting their hair, but I bribe them with lollipops and they manage to stay relatively still. Then we'll head into Austin to feed my friend's cat, Ivan, and give him his asthma medication. Yes, this cat uses an inhaler. What else. Oh, we're stopping at Target to get some long pants for the boys to wear to church, and pajamas for Jack. He's outgrown all of his fabulous hand-me-down pj's, and Eli's wearing them already.

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