Saturday, May 28, 2005

Camarones En Chipotle

If, dear reader, you have not figured out yet that for me it's ALL ABOUT FOOD, then you haven't been reading very carefully.

So listen: it's ALL ABOUT FOOD.

And tonight I had a kick-ass dinner at this place:

Guava Margarita
Camarones en Chipotle
Mexican Salad with Jicama
Tres Leches with mango sauce

I mean, come on. Who can be sad in the face of such wonderful food? Can I tell you? The shrimp? Perfect. Best shrimp I've had since coming to Texas, in fact.

On a side note, the girls have developed the very annoying habit of climbing out of their restaurant high chairs almost the instant they are placed (and yes, strapped) into them. They aren't able to perform this neat little trick at home, where they are restrained by both belt and tray, but restaurant high chairs are a breeze for my little Houdinis to climb out of. They would so much rather be hopping up onto the table so they can stick their paws into the hot sauce, or knock over your drink, than to sit still in their chairs and, God forbid, be fed something delicious like a tortilla spread with beans and rice and nicely rolled into a little taco. The boys NEVER, and I mean NEVER wiggled out of their restaurant high chair restraints. Not once, not one of them, never.

I blame their father.

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