Thursday, October 02, 2003

Thanks, Mom

So I finally told my mother. Her response? First thing out of her mouth was, "Oh, I'm so sorry." Like someone just died. And she topped off the conversation with, "Well, I hope after this you get your tubes tied."


Thanks, Mom.

Maybe I'll get a sympathy card when the blessed event actually takes place.

So tomorrow is the big ultrasound day. I'll be sure to ingest lots of caffeine and sugar to get this baby moving. I want to see what's between those little legs. Jack is quite sure it's a girl, and will be very disappointed if it is another boy. I'll be all right, no matter what, but I'm crossing my fingers...

And, in sports news...

King Kaufman stole my headline today, which was going to be "Rush Limbaugh Really Is a Big Fat Idiot." I don't really have time to watch football much these days, and of course most of the football to be watched is on Fox and CBS, not ESPN, but I was truly, truly horrified when they hired that fat fuck, and I'm more than happy to see him go. ESPN has no semblance of dignity or good taste, in spite of their consistently brilliant advertising campaign. Things just haven't been the same since Keith and Dan broke up, anyway.

Gender update tomorrow! Take your best guess now...all will be revealed tomorrow afternoon.

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