Tuesday, April 22, 2003


Comments make me happy. What is up with you people? I KNOW you are coming in here and looking around, but no one hardly ever leaves a note.

My boss told me today that she spent years of her life with "Frosty the Snoman" stuck in her head. She didn't tell anyone at the time because she was afraid they would think she was crazy...which, of course, she was. I think I would prefer Chinese Water Torture to an endless loop of Frosty.

What else can I tell you. It feels like a random day. I'm learning to spell things like cholecystectomy and synechiae. Such is the life of a medical transcriptionist.

I have a head cold that I just can't shake so I've been hopped up on Sudafed for the past several days in order to keep working. I'm as high as a kite, but I'm keeping that sinus infection at bay.

Easter didn't really happen this year. We went to church, but that was it, and I'm feeling guilty for cheating my kids out of the bunny and the chocolate and the egg decorating. I just couldn't get myself together to do it. I'm really bad at holidays, I resent taking on all that extra work -- shopping for stuff, cooking special meals, decorating things, wrapping presents, the whole production just leaves me feeling inadequate and tired. So I bailed. And then my 5 year old cried in the car on the way to day care yesterday morning, saying what a terrible Easter it had been, and I felt like the world's shittiest mother. I guess there won't be any more shirking of holiday duties from now on -- the boys are too old for me to get away with it. But damnit it's HARD doing all that stuff with three kids and a full time job! How do people do it? I just don't get it. I can just barely manage to feed my kids and keep them in clean clothes, let alone make a holiday happen.

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