Sunday, October 06, 2002

So my church had its first worship service in the new, big space today, which is just beautiful. The ceiling must be 30 feet high, the whole place smells like cedar, but not too overwhelming. It's sort of modern Mission style. Tile floors. And a really fabulous color scheme. The chairs aren't in yet, so we sat on plastic folding chairs, but otherwise it was all good to go. This is an Episcopal church which means we worship from the Book of Common Prayer and use a hymnal that goes back, like, a million years. But that doesn't prevent anyone from introducing new, horrid, soft rock-y Christian songs into the worship service. You know, "contemporary Christian music." Gag me. I'm sorry, I try to be tolerant, but PLEASE can we stick to the organ and the old, fussy hymns and throw that guitar OUT? Gives me the willies, that music. Sigh. Oh well, they're good people and they mean well, and they've been nothing but sweet to me since we started attending services last winter, so I'll cut them some slack.

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