Tuesday, January 16, 2007


I've entered an alternate universe...there's a snowflake on my little weather desktop thingy. A snowflake!

This being Texas, we're having a major ice storm freak-out down here, and the whole city is pretty much shut down -- has been since yesterday afternoon, and looks to stay that way through at least tomorrow morning. Allison brought me an icicle in bed this morning, then complained that it was too cold and asked me to warm it up. I took her outside when the actual snow came falling down, but she just cried and wanted to be brought back in. It probably didn't help that I almost wiped out and dropped her when I slipped on the icy porch step. Still, it's lovely. I love to see actual snowflakes coming out of the actual sky, even if the only real accumulation seems to be on my car and house rooftops. I'll take it.

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