Monday, June 07, 2004

Kill Me Now

I'm on hold with the mortgage company and it's the same 3 minute loop of upbeat saxy poppy jazz crap over and over and fucking over again. This is ME waiting to pay THEM money. They should pay me for having to listen to this shit. Why don't companies give you a Silence option? I would so totally opt for silence over this.

In other news, Javier's head is so big it is literally off the charts. The rest of him is 95-97th percentile. We are NOT moving as planned just yet due to...well...I'll spare you. But we're not. The girls are cooing and smiling and almost laughing -- Carrie makes this sort of gasping laughy sound if you nuzzle her on the neck or tickle her ribs.

Oh! They picked up after 15 minutes. Gotta go.

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